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The only place to purchase our UK manufactured, fully recycled ID card holders & Single-use paper lanyards.

Single-use Paper Lanyards & Badges

Combine The Benefits of the Standard with the 123in

Staff & Visitors can sign in without touching the screen

It is possible to have the option of using the traditional sign in screen as well as visitors signing in using their own smart phone.

Either method will update your own database so you can track both visitors and staff on site.

Staff can sign in using chipped ID cards, quick, simple and easy. When signing in they get a green screen, when signing out red.

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About Us:

Proud to provide quality ID products since 1987, manufacturing in the UK using recycled plastics where possible to help reduce your carbon footprint

Specialising in supporting a range of customers from large organisations to small business, we continue to innovate and provide additional digital support.

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Our customers love the service and relationship they get from us and the extra mile staff go to look after you.

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ID Products

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Visitor Management

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Events Conferences

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Visitor Management

Visitor Management

Fully setup, easy plug and play system. We pride ourselves in designing bespoke welcome screens, your content and branding. Do more than Visitor Management:

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Great value
  • Plug & play (all set up by Eledigital/ID Products)
  • Record visitors in/out
  • Record staff in/out (with auto time/date stamp)
  • Record pupil lateness (Schools)
  • Evacuation lists (Printable or web browser viewable)
  • Email alerts (visitor arrival - optional)
  • Bespoke, branded & animated home screen
  • Quality commercial touch screens
  • Optional image capture & label creation
  • Display other content (income generation/promotions/about us)
  • Easy update scrolling banner
  • Fast/Easy 'swipe' in/out for staff (with mifare cards)
  • Show brochures/websites/products/services/3D tours & more...
  • Don't pay for expensive upgrades.
  • Not tied into lengthy contracts.
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ID Check Me

ID Check Me ID Check Me

Designed to provide organisations and business the ability to provide extra security for their customers or members of the public.

Why have additional security?

You may not be able to recover provided ID cards to staff you have since left/represented you or fake cards may have been produced. We only add ID to the website if provided from a pre-specified person from a legitimate email address.


If you would like to provide your customers or members of the public with the ability to verify their identity independently online, contact us for more information.

Events & Conferences

Events and conferences

One stop shop

We provide support to event and conference organisers. Let us look after the following for you:

  • Lanyards Artwork
  • Printed Lanyards
  • Online Visitor Registration
  • Visitor Touch Screen Registration
  • Badge Artwork
  • Badge Printing (on site)
  • Staff Support
  • Capture data from delegates/visitors
  • Interactive Maps
  • Seat/table booking

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Inclusive ID Badges with Braille:

It is essential we provide the ability for as many people as possible to be able to read or get information from ID badges.

We can supply/provide ID cards printed on an 'buff' cream card making it beneficial for people with dyslexia and also add information in braille.

Braille Cards
Colour Picker