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We currently work with NHS trusts around the UK to provide them with a range of products that help with identification of staff, but do not interfere with the individuals ability to do their job. Some people like to use lanyards to hold their ID cards, some prefer strap clips on their pockets and others prefer badge reels which have strength tested cords. and extend up to 90cm, so perfect when having to swipe in and out of departments.

The exciting development is that we can supply all our products with an Antimicrobial protection, which helps to reduce the level of bacteria which is vital for patient’s wellbeing.

We also offer recycled range of lanyards and card holders, so you can help your trust or establishment to reduce their carbon footprint further.

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What's hanging around your neck?

Card holders and lanyards are increasingly worn to identify staff and ensure security and visibility. They come into regular contact with the wearer, especially when also used for door entry systems, requiring the card to be held in close proximity to the reader. To enable others to identify the person, both the card holder and lanyard must be worn externally, leaving open to pathogenic bacteria. Taking the card holders and lanyards outside of the controlled ‘clean’ area is also a concern, frequently carrying contaminants back to the place of work.

Added Benefit: When considering the importance of hygiene we have made the decision to add Biomaster Antimicrobial Product Protection to our lanyards and cardholders. Biomaster can reduce the levels of bacteria on the products surface by inhibiting the ability of bacteria to grow, complimenting cleaning procedures in place. There is also the added environmental benefit in that the lanyards and card readers can be manufactured from recycled bottles

Test Results - After 24 hours contact time:

Card Holders Lanyards
E coli reduced by 99.92% E coli reduced by 99.82%
Staph aureus reduced by 99.92% Staph aureus reduced by 99.82%